Welcome in the Bead Shop!

The Bead Shop, provided by Springl company, offers online selection of glass beads being on the stock at the moment. It enables purchases without any complications and especially very short delivery times.

The Bead Shop means:

  • Traditional Czech Glass Beads directly from the producer
  • Very short delivery times
  • No limits regarding minimum quantities
  • You receive the same beads you order on your computer
  • Convenient orders from your office

How to order beads?

Are you a new customer?
On beadshop please click on "login" and register. Your ID and Password is up to you, please try to remember.
In the TOP MENU on the right side you can choose what currency you want.
If you don't change the currency, prices will be in default USD.

Are you a registered customer?
Login on beadshop and after registration you can
choose what currency you want
in the TOP MENU on the right side. If you don't change the currency,
prices are in USD.

Did you forgot your ID or Password?
Please register again and choose new ID and Password.

Didn't you choose anything in our Bead shop? 
See our on-line cataloque where you can choose from interesting colours, sizes and fashion lampworked beads. Minimum order amount is 25 pieces from each type, size and colour.

What are the minimum order amounts in beadshop?
1. Pressed and fire polished beads categories contains products available in smaller amount than 1 mass (1200pcs).  Example: 0,1 = 120 pcs, 0,2 = 240 pcs
2. Minimum order for lampworked beads is 10pcs per each item.

What are the payment methods?
It is possible to pay your order either by bank transfer, by PayPal or by your credit card (we accept EC/MC and VISA).

Are you further interested? 
Please dont hesitate to contact us. We can send you complete info by email.

Do you have a special wish?
We are a producer so let us know and we will
do everything to meet your demand.

I hope, you will enjoy the shopping in our Bead Shop.
We are looking forward to hear about your questions and requirements.
Vaclav Springl
sales manager